a decade of performance art in the UK

After ten journeys around the sun - our bodies soaked in blood, sweat, tears, eco-glitter - we are celebrating our 10th anniversary by looking to the past, present & future(s) of performance art in the UK. Through a series of screenings, talks, performances, exhibitions, bursaries, workshops and residencies, PSX invites everyone to celebrate this decade of performance art with us.

PSX is intergenerational. PSX is queer, Trans*, POC & womxn to the front. PSX is international and local. We are working with 39 artists through April to August, across three locations: ]performance s p a c e[ (Folkestone), VSSL (Deptford, London) and Ugly Duck (Bermondsey, London).

Tide Turning (Sea Defence), Kira O’Reilly, 2017. Photo by Luke Jones.
selina bonelli. Image by Rosie Lonsdale.


We will be screening 10 films, a collection of significant ]ps[ archival documentation, as well as more recent ]ps[ Associate Artist commissions.

Double bill screenings will take place on the last Friday of each month (April through August) during Last Fridays Folkestone.

The films will be offered online for the month following the live screening.

online now, until 29th July

selina bonelli
Kira O'Reilly


Keijaun Thomas
Martin O'Brien
Joseph Morgan Schofield
Carlos Martiel


Ash McNaughton

Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro

Va-Bene E. Fiatsi [crazinisT artisT]

Leo Devlin, Benjamin Sebastian and Bean

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How Many Stones Can Be Free, Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro. Photo by Christer Johansson & Christian Berven, courtesy of LiveAction8.

Esther Neff. Image by Megan Raymond for SU Art Galleries. 


]performance s p a c e [ is nothing if not its relationships; a dynamic constellation of  thinkers, feelers & makers, reimagining our world(s). Throughout PSX, ]ps[ director Benjamin Sebastian will host a series of 10 conversations with artists and culture makers from our   p a s t   who have influenced our ongoing work.

Podcast conversations will be made available online on the last Friday of every month (April through August). 

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online now, until 29th July

Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro
Esther Neff


Katy Baird
Ron Athey
Lois Keidan
Keijaun Thomas
Rocio Boliver


︎︎︎Bean and Joseph Morgan Schofield

︎︎︎Jade Montserrat

︎︎︎ PSX: a decade of performance art in the UK


Maintaining our future focus; PSX invites 3 mentor artists to run workshops at ]performance s p a c e [ this summer. Each mentor will invite (by open call), 3 participants to undertake a 3 day in-person residential workshop at ]performance s p a c e [. 

CURRENCY, Sandra Johnston, 2014. Photo by Bjørkum Bjarte

Re:STORE (trust) by Sandra Johnston

residential workshop
25th - 27th August 2021, Folkestone

Deadline to apply: Monday 2nd August 2021
Please direct any questions to

Sandra Johnston’s practice involves developing strategies of performance art improvisation, as a means of engagement with imbedded issues of social trauma within selected contexts. She utilises improvised actions as a form of porous interaction with the actuality of environments, open to interference, adjustment and connective responses. The somatic physical aspects of the work develop from an ethos of attrition – consciously attempting to use a minimum of available resources, intersecting with a desire to leave no trace on the surroundings. This approach of ‘provisionality’ insists upon a speculative relationship to the emergence of narratives and meanings being formed directly, and conjointly, between the artist and audience. A key impetus for the work arises from recognition of the implications of social trauma and the ensuing cultures of silence, finding in performance methods a humble means to provide alternative forms of live testimony and mediation.

This is an in-person workshop. We will be working with Sandra and the workshop participants to navigate our personal and collective responsibilities during the pandemic.

The workshop is for three participants.

]ps[ will offer each participant a £100 honorarium, shared accommodation during the workshop, £10 per diems for the three workshop days, and a £20 travel stipend.

Open Season, Sandra Johnston, 2019. Photo by Joan Laage.

Explain, Sandra Johnston, 2019. Photo  by Flávio Ribeiro.

“In the unfolding circumstances of the past year where interpersonal connections have been negatively impacted by the pandemic, how can performance art be reconfigured to address an uneasy new body-phobic social consciousness? I suggest that one of the central ideas that gives performance art agency as a discipline is the range of intimacies that can be tested and opened up through myriad acts of close witnessing. In this workshop we will explore together various ways that trust might be reconstructed, or restored between self and others, including more-than-human relationships and perspectives. Moving between a scale of viewing distance, touching distance, breathing distance, with the aim not to rupture but to respect the parameters of how we sense these sensitive borders, we will consider how intimacy might be redefined. Furthermore, can we still trust ourselves to engage through attuning practices?”

Sandra Johnston 


Deadline to apply: Monday 2nd August 2021
Please direct any questions to

To apply, please write or record a statement which answers the following questions:

  • How might you store up the kinds of emotional and psychic energy necessary for performance?

  • To what extent are we able to ‘switch off’ dependencies on being observed as a validation of the act of performing?

  • What can you make with nothing? Or what might constitute a minimal and ethical means of making?

Your response should be no longer than 500 words, or five minutes. 

We are collecting answers through this google form.

︎︎︎ make an application

hancock & kelly, 2017. Photo by Paul Samuel White.

Keijaun Thomas, 2019. Photo by Andrea Abbatangelo.


12th - 19th August
VSSL Studio in London

with live performances on Thursday 12th by Adriana Disman and Kelvin Atmadibrata.

28th May - 6th June
]performance s p a c e [, Folkestone.

with live performances on Friday 28th from Ash McNaughton and Lise Boucon.

We have chosen 10 epochal photographs from our archive  that typify the energy, attitude and ethos of the artists ]ps[ works with. Explicit, unapologetic & poetic; these images act as portals to various collaborations, geographies and moments from our past, while projecting that energy into our future(s).

Jade Montserrat
Keijaun Thomas
Hancock&Kelly LIVE
Ron Athey
Kris Canavan & Elizabeth Short (performing as Nick Kilby)
Nicholas Tee
Benjamin Sebastian
Poppy Jackson
Nina Arsenault

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