PAUSE & AFFECT is a nine month programme of curated and open call artist residencies at ]ps[ in Kent. Each set of residencies offers an holistic opportunity for research, development & platform events - for artists making time-based & performance art. Each set of residencies offers a unique package, for specific groups of artists, at varying stages of their artistic process and development. The programme consists of three strands:

The Rising   The Residents    &    ]open s p a c e [

Exploring the necessity of reflection as a primary route to self development, PAUSE & AFFECT fascilitates residential periods where artists are encouraged to embrace slowness as a creative methodology.

Within accelerated capitalism, pause and affect become tools of resistance; strategies to take back time, make space & reconnect with what's important.

In order to combat increasingly fast-paced demands on artists to 'be productive', PAUSE & AFFECT insists that the primary resources required for any creative endeavour are those of time and space; enabling artists to tune in, recalibrate, experiment and grow - in order to then contribute exceptional art to our shared cultural landscapes.


For the 4th editions of The Rising (1st - 15th October 2018) we will be teaming up with Live Art UK’s Diverse Actions initiative again to extend & expand the opportunity available to artists. This Rising will include two week's studio residency to develop artistic practice, professional development sessions with guest lectures and a platform event.

The Rising gives selected artists the time, space and required resources to try out new work and explore the edges of their craft. Don't miss this opportunity to witness the new comers of contemporary performance art.

In the October we were joined by artists: Rhine Bernardino, James Jordan Johnson, Lena Chen and crazinisT artisT

Public Platform:

7pm Sat the 13th of October 2018

Rhine Bernardino grew up in the Philippines where she studie Political Sciences, ending up with a Bachelors Degree in Film and Audio Visual Communication at the University of Philippines (Diliman). She is the first and currently the only Filippino artist who graduated with an MA Fine Art (sculpture) at the Royal Collage of Art, for which she was awarded the highly-regarded Abraaj RCA Innovation Scholarship.

James Jordan Johnson (b. 1997) is a multi-disciplinary artist designated in London. Working in mediums such as photography, performance, sculpture, sound design, installation and video. He has recently graduated from Middlesex University studying BA Theatre Arts. 
He is one of the many artists working under the art collective (In)Space since 2017 and has most recently given a Tedtalk performing a piece called Lament at The Courtauld Institute of Art as part of his residency.

Lena Chen (b. 1987 San Francisco) is an artist and writer exploring intimacy, labour, trauma and women’s identity. Her practice encompasses particpatory art, durational performance, confessional texts and poetry and interactive installations. Experimenting with her body and biography as primary media, her work functions as excercises in vulnerability by confronting the thin line between victimhood and survival, connection and isolation, empowerment and objectification.

crazinisT artisT “[sHe/it...]” is my bio-political pronoun. Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi also known as crazinisT artisT is a Ghanian multi-disciplinary artist living and practicing in Ghana. [sHe/it...] was born in Ho, Volta Region of Ghana in September 1981.
crazinisT artisT got [sHe/it...]’s Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts - BFA (Painting) in 2014 from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Techn ology (KUNST), Kumasi, Ghana where [sHe/it...] is currently completing [sHe/it...]’s MFA.

The Residents

Each residency affords a curated duo of artists a 4 week residency at ]ps[ in Folkestone.

The residencies focus on the potentials of co-operation, difference, influence & collectivity; whilst granting the resources to slow down, recalibrate & begin to shape what comes next.

Residency 1

November 2018  

Ria Hartley - As an artists I predominantely work with autobiography as a way of exploring aspects of the human experience and how my own experiences translate and transform when shared with an audience. My practice overall is a contextual life enquiry - I am interested in my embodiment of liminality and intersecting identities and how these can be actiivated as poilitical site of radical agency, action, healing, empowerment and possibility.

My practice pays close attention to memory, identity, human relationships, the rewriting of narratives and often invites participation and exchange between myself and audiences, seeking to blur the relationship between performer and audience, space and situation in order to open new spaces of thought and exchange.

Máiréad Delaney - My work explores how gendered bodies respond under systemic violence. Our bodies are used as instruments or vessels, the control of which is embodied in nationalist identityprojects, empire building, eugenics. We are silenced by assault and violence.

My questions lie around how to render these violences, continuous psychic violence, physical violation, and erasure, sensible but not re-made. How do we carry the burdem of what we know, once we have come to know it? A lack of visible evidence of violation comprises a roaring silence, a white noise.

I work to remember and stake the real-ness of unthinkable harm against the inexorable passing of the everyday. In the making of work I work material un-makings. I do not see thse gestures as destructive, rather they apply pressure to pressure.

Residency 2

January/February 2019  

Gabi - Gabi lives and works between Venice and Milan, Italy. They hold an MA in Visual Art and Curatorial Studies at NABA, Milan. Strategically and aesthetically influenced by punk and industrial subcultures, in 2013 they co-founded Persuasion: an artistic-curatorial interzone, a moniker under which they produced exhibitions and events dedicated to experimental music, video and performance art.

Since 2014 Habi is a core member of the team of Venice International Performance Art Week, where they performed with La Pocha Nostra and Martin O’Brien, among working with other international artists. In 2017 they co-curated a column in atribune, an Italian art magazine, with the goal of introducing and researching other Italian visual and performance artists working with queer and feminist issues.

From performance art to collage, independent publications and site-specific installations, their practice is uncertain and unstable and it is rooted in their non-binary indentity. Their work focuses on the potential of the “political body”, a body undermined by notions of culture, sex, citizenship, to be decolonized. Hiding, waiting, temporality, disease, shame, heterotopia, castration, being childish: these are the concepts of my current works.

Keijaun Thomas - creates live performances and multimedia installations that oscillate between movement and materials, incorporating visual language that can be read, observed, and repeated within spatial, temporal, and sensorial environments.

Her work investigates the histories, symbols, and images that construct notions of Black identity within Black personhood. Thomas earned their Masters degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is a current Franklin Furnace Fund Recipient for 2018.

Thomas has presented work nationally and internationally in Los Angeles, CA: Portland, OR; Portland, ME; Chicago, IL; Saugatuck, MI; Boston, MA; New York, NY; Miami, FL; and Taipei, Taiwan, Paris, France;   Mexico City, Mexico; Santiago, Chile; Istanbul, Turkey; Beirut, Lebanon, Saskatchewan and Vancouver, Canada; and the United Kingdom.