Maintaining our future focus; PSX invites 3 mentor artists to run workshops at ]performance s p a c e [ this summer. Each mentor will invite (by open call), 3 participants to undertake a 3 day in-person residential workshop at ]performance s p a c e [.
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Julia Bardsley


Sandra Johnston


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Medea Talk, Julia Bardsley, Brazil. Photo by Marcelo Evelin.


residential workshop
28th - 30th July 2021, Folkestone

application deadline
5th July 2021

Julia Bardsley is an artist working with the interplay of performance, pinhole photography, video projection, sculptural objects, psychological garments and hybrid personae. Works include: The Divine Trilogy: Trans-Acts, Almost The Same (feral rehearsals for violent acts of culture) and Aftermaths: a tear in the meat of vision (London, Glasgow, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, Italy); meta-FAMILY (Brazil, UK, Belgium, Slovenia) and Medea: dark matter events (Brazil & London). A book of her pinhole photographs, u See The Image Of Her i, was published in 2016.
In a new phase of work, under the creative umbrella The House of Wonder & Panic, she has developed a series of durational process events entitled Reading Rooms. The Reading Rooms have repurposed a political, a philosophical and an entomological text. The third of the series, An Apian Paradox, conjures an apicultural world that offers a feminine ecology of creativity, pleasure and female bee-ing and has been presented in London, Lisbon and at Fierce! Birmingham.

Her work tests coexistences and antagonisms across the nature/culture & animal/human spectrums. She is currently exploring ways of appropriating and folding rewilding principles of disturbance and succession into her creative process.

This is an in-person workshop hosted at ]performance s p a c e[ in Folkestone. We will be working with Julia and the workshop participants to navigate our personal and collective responsibilities during the pandemic.

The workshop is for three participants.

]ps[ will offer each participant a £100 honorarium, shared accommodation during the workshop, £10 per diems for the three workshop days, and a £20 travel stipend.

An Apian Paradox, Julia Bardlsey, 2019. Photo by Manuel Vason.

Nativity Kings Bearing Gifts, pinhole photo by Julia Bardsley.

Process as Performance – Thought as Action – Reverie as Method

x1 provocateur + 3 artists over x3 days
= coexisting in a real-time process room of mulling + mapping

A proposition for three days of process, generating visual vocabularies and spatial grammars of materials, actions, mark-making, objects, body, maps, diagrams, sound, space and time.

Each participant will bring their own discrete practice and aesthetics into dialogue with a common set of provocations - working individually but within a coexistent frame.

We will be accruing our coexistent thinking in the space and over time, through processes of - generating + disturbing | layering + disrupting | erasing + collision

This workshop is for you if you are interested in:

  • mechanisms of the creative process
  • exploded diagrams + mapping
  • translation of thinking into materials + making + space
  • expanded forms of (w)Ri[gh]ting
  • generating + consolidating idiosyncratic lexicons
  • focused reverie + convivial concentration

Julia Bardsley

Make a proposal

We are accepting proposals through this google form. There is space on the form to upload files or link to videos in response to questions 1 and 3. The maximum file size is 10mb.

application deadline
5th July 2021

1. What would a map or diagram of your thinking look like? Draw, diagram or map it.

This could be thinking about a specific project you are working on, a set of thematics that are current for you or something else

2. What would be your personal lexicon of materials, implements, tools and equipment be? Make a list.

This list could be items that you always use, are currently using, would like to use in the future, a combination of these or something else

3. If you + you practice were a space, what type of space would it be, what shape, dimensions,  colour, texture + where would your body be in this space?

Take a bit of time to have a reverie about this – then describe it or diagram it or map it or draw it or a combination of these or some other way.

︎︎︎Apply here

Please direct any questions to

CURRENCY, Sandra Johnston, 2014. Photo by Bjørkum Bjarte

Re:STORE (trust) by Sandra Johnston

residential workshop
25th - 27th August 2021, Folkestone

Call out for participants will be announced soon.
Please direct any questions to

Sandra Johnston’s practice involves developing strategies of performance art improvisation, as a means of engagement with imbedded issues of social trauma within selected contexts. She utilises improvised actions as a form of porous interaction with the actuality of environments, open to interference, adjustment and connective responses. The somatic physical aspects of the work develop from an ethos of attrition – consciously attempting to use a minimum of available resources, intersecting with a desire to leave no trace on the surroundings. This approach of ‘provisionality’ insists upon a speculative relationship to the emergence of narratives and meanings being formed directly, and conjointly, between the artist and audience. A key impetus for the work arises from recognition of the implications of social trauma and the ensuing cultures of silence, finding in performance methods a humble means to provide alternative forms of live testimony and mediation.

This is an in-person workshop. We will be working with Sandra and the workshop participants to navigate our personal and collective responsibilities during the pandemic.

Full details will be announced shortly.

Explain, Sandra Johnston, 2019. Photo  by Flávio Ribeiro.

“In the current circumstances where interpersonal connections have been negatively impacted, how can performance art be reconfigured to address a more body-phobic social consciousness? One of the core aspects that gives performance art agency as a practice, is the range of intimacies that can be tested and opened up between artists and audiences. In this workshop we will explore together various ways that trust might be reconstructed, or restored between self and others in both private and public space. Moving between a scale of viewing distance, touching distance, breathing distance, with the aim not to rupture, but to respect the parameters of how we sense these sensitive borders. Can intimacy be redefined with audiences? Furthermore, can we still trust ourselves?”

Sandra Johnston 

Open Season, Sandra Johnston, 2019. Photo by Joan Laage.