‘We’re not feeling edgy; the system is feeling nervous.’

- Red Army Faction

The archive of Performance Art Faction is available digitally and as a printed publication at LADA Study Room.

There have always been discordant voices. Factions. Alternative currents of thought, feeling and action not willing to be swept along with mass consensus. In every geography, across time, such alternatives to now have persistently carved out space (via what ever means possible) where a change in direction and other ways of being have been enacted. Lived. 

Yet those factions, by definition; small, organised dissenting groups within a larger whole, need not be understood as in opposition to, yet could be rather acknowledged as interruptions of overarching narratives. Interruption is not opposition. It does not act in the binary relation to other. Interruption is not an outside to an inside, it works precisely from within to crack open, explode and create voids that may be occupied (or not) in other ways - with something else.

Performance Art Faction (PAF) was a 9 month, holistic project exploring the intersections of contemporary performance art, politics & society with the aim of reawakening the innate political potential of our bodies. The project consisted of:
  • Self Organising Space (SOS): an open platform insisting upon cooperation in order to obtain the most beneficial outcome for all. The platform is a sign-up event designed to afford artists the opportunity to enact agency over the display of their work, while learning to navigate group dynamics in an exhibition context.
  • Soap Box Sessions: a series of curated events examining contemporary performance art, what it has to say, how it is said & why. Each session, three invited artists discuss & present their work in dialogue with each other and in relation to timely thematics.
  • prAxis: prAxis is a live & web based (twitter & tumblr) research laboratory at the intersections of visual-performance, critical research & political action.
  • PAF Occupations: The occupations are PAF’s residency element, hosting two duo’s of creatives for a period of 3 months, culminating with a programme of live exhibition. In addition, each Occupation will include a digital residency via tumblr. 

The project was curated by Benjamin Sebastian and Bean.


'Aktion Deptford' was a day of performance actions - both solo and group workings - from artits; Andre Braga Verissimo (Local Foreigner), Alicia Radage, Benjamin Sebastian, Fabiola Paz and Bean. This activity took place on the eve of ]performance s p a c e [ exiting their final London premises with a view to relocating to Folkestone, Kent.

The event was unfunded, unpublicised and DIY af! It was a moment of celebration and reflection/vision from a small cohort within the extend ]performance s p a c e [ communities.


Fabiola Paz

Benjamin Sebastian