10 conversations

]performance s p a c e [ is nothing if not its relationships; a dynamic constellation of  thinkers, feelers & makers, reimagining our world(s). Throughout PSX, ]ps[ director Benjamin Sebastian will host a series of 10 conversations with artists and culture makers from our   p a s t   who have influenced our ongoing work.

Podcast conversations will be made available online on the last Friday of every month (April through August). 

Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro
Katy Baird
Ron Athey
Lois Keidan
Keijaun Thomas
Jade Montserrat
Rocio Boliver
Esther Neff

Bean and Joseph Morgan Schofield

︎︎︎ PSX: a decade of performance art in the UK

Live from Friday 30th April

Bean and Joseph Morgan Schofield 

Bean, 2014. Photo by Monika Sobczak.

“I make performance work that incorporates live voice, installation and film. I like using technology as a malleable material, testing & pushing it through live moments; from my earliest works playing super 8 films through my vagina, to recent works digitally tracking my body to live-edit sound. Through my work I often 'speak' of things silenced in daily life, or attempt to undo language used in mass media/ normative pop-culture. I make performance as an act of transformation, a catharsis through sound, a reclamation & refusal of the body.”

Bean is the co-founder and (former) co-director of ]performance s p a c e[.