10 hours

What dreaming of performance art in the UK would be complete without a durational live event? In August this year we invite you to be   p r e s e n t   and hunker down with us as 9 exceptional artists present new commissions across 10 hours.

The 10hr Live Event will take place at The Ugly Duck (Tanner St. London) on Saturday 21st August, 11am - 9pm. Booking information will be available on this page soon. 

Anne Bean
Alastair MacLennan
Chinasa Vivian Ezugha
Elvira Santamaria
Joseph Morgan Schofield
Martin O'Brien
Poppy Jackson
Rubiane Maia
selina bonelli

︎︎︎ PSX: a decade of performance art in the UK

Chinasa Vivian Ezugha, 2016. Photo by Monika Sobczak. 
Alastair MacLennan, 2020. Photo courtesy of the aritst.

Rubiane Maia, 2015. Photo by Hick Duarte.

Elvira Santamaria, 2018. Photo courtesy of the aritst.

Anne Bean, 2020. Image courtesy of the artist.
Martin O’Brien, 2017. Still from video by Suhail Merchant.

Joseph Morgan Schofield, 2020. Photo by Fenia Kotspoulou.
Poppy Jackson, 2014. Photo by Carrie Ruckle.

selina bonelli, 2019. Photo by Ana Escobar.