]performance s p a c e[

]performance s p a c e ['s mission is to facilitate the prime conditions for the production of performance art in the UK (and beyond). We are commit­ted to supporting challenging and difficult work that embraces performance art as an ever-evolving medium.

]performance s p a c e [ is the UK's only studio and exhibition space dedicated to performance art. Our organisation continues to cultivate time-based work that critically and physically pushes the boundaries of body, time and space.

]ps[ has always strived to act as a hub or home to national and international artists in transit; developing the performance art network while acting as a place of research and development outside of mainstream education and gallery structures. We maintain a platform and project space in London, through collaboration with VSSL studio, and have close collaborative relationships with organisations such as the Live Art Development Agency, Live Art UK, Ugly Duck, and Venice International Performance Art Week.

Founded by former co-director Bean and current co-director Benjamin Sebastian in Hackney Wick (London) in 2011, ]ps[ remains an artist-led initiative, committed to our identity as a DIY, anti-institutional space.


February 2022

︎︎︎ about ]performance s p a c e[

Tiding, meaning a communication, or an announcement, or to drift with, or as if with, the force of the waves.

On Saturday 2nd April, ]performance s p a c e[ will host Tiding, a day of performance art taking place at historic sites in Folkestone and Romney Marsh. Tiding is a celebration of the spring, the return of life after the retreats of winter and lockdown. Tiding also marks the last public programming ]performance s p a c e[ will organise in Folkestone.

]performance s p a c e[ has made a home for performance art and artists on Tontine Street since 2016. We have organised festivals, hosted residencies, curated exhibitions, and worked in collaboration with our peers and communities. Across this time, we have remained in dialogue with the remarkable landscape of the Kent coast, and so it is right that Tiding occurs at both a site in town, and a more remote location in Romney Marsh.

As ]ps[ moves into its second decade, the time is right to think again about how, where, and with whom we work. ]ps[ has returned our space at 62 Tontine Street, which now becomes DIY4Folke, a new workshop and community space run by our co-founder and former co-director Bean.

After Tiding, ]ps[ will enter a developmental phase for the remainder of 2022. For now it makes sense to be mobile, both moving with and making the waves, but the creation of (im)permanent physical space remains at the heart of the ]performance s p a c e[ project.

In this development year we will offer moments to gather around programming, facilitating conversations with, and listening to, our local and artistic communities. In dialogue with our artist network, we will research the kinds of support and space which performance artists need and want. We will make new connections and explore the evolution of our curatorial rationale. We will upskill our team, investigate new governance models, and work to make ]performance s p a c e[ a more sustainable project. We will search for and make a new space.

In these ways we will remain committed to our DIY, anti-institutional roots while shaping ]ps[ for this new decade, equipping ourselves to continue to cultivate the prime conditions for performance art and artists in the UK, and so continue to support this ever-evolving medium in which we have made a home.

Benjamin Sebastian & Joseph Morgan Schofield



A day of performance art at historic sites in Folkestone and Romney Marsh.

Saturday 2nd April

Kajoli Ilojak, Salvage Festival, 2019. Photo by Manuel Vason.

finding us...

In 2022, ]ps[ has entered a development phase exploring how to best continue to cultivate the prime conditions for performance art and artists in the UK. In this moment we are mobile, though the creation of permanenet physical space remains at the heart of the ]ps[ project. 

In the meantime, you will find locations and directions for physical gatherings on the relevant offerings pages, and we can otherwise be reached online:

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︎︎︎ about ]performance s p a c e[

Benjamin Sebastian, director and co-founder

Benjamin Sebastian (AUS/UK 1980) is a visual artist & curator specialising in time-based media & performance art. They are director of ]performance s p a c e [ (Folkestone); the only performance art specific gallery, studio & residency space in the UK - as well as co-director of VSSL Studio in Deptford, London. Their research interests span artificial intelligence, spiritualism, magick, gender, sexuality and decolonial practice(s). Benjamin is a member of the national consortium; Live Art UK.

Benjamin leads on artistic direction, curation and collaborations at ]ps[. They are the lead contact for the organisaiton.


Benjamin Sebastian, 2019. Photo by Manuel Vason.

Joseph Morgan Schofield, 2020. Photo by Fenia Kotspoulou.

Joseph Morgan Schofield,  associate director

Joseph Morgan Schofield (UK 1993) is a performance artist. Understanding acts of gathering and communing as central to their practice, Joseph’s work incorporates curating, producing, facilitating, mentoring and teaching. Joseph organises FUTURERITUAL, a performance and research project considering ritual and queer futurity. They co-produce move close and Live Art Club [London], and are a co-founder of The Sunday Skool for Misfits, Exprimenters and Dissenters. They are the co-founder of VSSL studio (London, UK) and work for The Place (London, UK) as Programme Producer.

Between 2020 and 2022 Joseph was co-director of ]performance s p a c e[. They currently work with ]ps[ on strategic, governance and financial matters.


Ash McNaughton, project manager

Ash McNaughton (UK 1990) is a Folkestone-based Scottish artist working primarily in performance art. Ash is a co-initiator of SITE, a site responsive performance art platform. They have worked with ]performance s p a c e[ since 2018.

Ash McNaughton,. Image courtesy of the artist.

Marcin Gawin. Image by Aleksandra Gawin.

Marcin Gawin, company coordinator

Marcin Gawin (PL 1994) is a Bristol based, interdisciplinary artist using participatory performance, and multi-sensory stimuli to explore carnality, occultism, and queerness. Marcin's work is informed by the background in visual arts and growing up in Poland’s Spiritual Capital.