10 photographs

We have chosen 10 epochal photographs from our archive  that typify the energy, attitude and ethos of the artists ]ps[ works with. Explicit, unapologetic & poetic; these images act as portals to various collaborations, geographies and moments from our past, while projecting that energy into our future(s).

Exhibitions will take place at:

]performance s p a c e [ in Folkestone (28th May to  4th June), with live performances from Ash McNaughton and Lise Boucon.

VSSL Studio in London (12th to 19th August, with live performances by Adriana Disman and Kelvin Atmadibrata.

Jade Montserrat
Keijaun Thomas
Hancock&Kelly LIVE
Ron Athey
Kris Canavan
Nichloas Tee
Benjamin Sebastian
Poppy Jackson
Nina Arsenault

with performances by Ash McNaughton, Lise BouconAdriana Disman and Kelvin Atmadibrata.

︎︎︎ PSX: a decade of performance art in the UK

EAT ME (or the dream of a feast), Lise Boucon, 2018. Photo by Chloe Chapman.
Keijaun Thomas, 2019. Photo by Andrea Abbatangelo.

Le avions de papier, Kelvin Atmadibrata, 2016. Photo by Aziz Amri.