Draw to Perform - Ram Sambocha

The first Draw to Perform symposium curated by artist Ram Samocha took place in London on the 5, 6 and 7 of December 2013 and hosted by and Arebyte Gallery. This symposium aimed to promote the growing stream of live drawing performance, to distinguish it as a unique entity and allow it to rise from the eclectic, wider definition of performance art. The participating artists all considered their body of work to be fundamentally concerned with drawing, in that for them drawing connects elements of line, movement, space and time.

In their practice, mark-making is often a result of gesture and body movement. For some, drawing is rather conceived as installation, video, performance, painting, writing and animation. Many of the participating artists were interested in exploring idea of trace as memory and in connection to temporality. Others were focused on the physical and sensorial experience of drawing, either in relation to human body proportions or to physical exercise.

UNTOUCHABLE at the Flying Dutchman

UNTOUCHABLE is a platform for performance, installation, music and art curated by Franko B and hosted by The Flying Dutchman.

June’s edition of UNTOUCHABLE see’s performance/Live Art guest curated by ]performance s p a c e [ as the event acts as the conculsion to the I <3 ]ps[ fundraising campaign. 

In addiction to this there is a visual art curated by Franko B, live music from At Night We Cry (Italy) and Revelator (UK) and a DJ set by Franko B and DJ MU to finish the night. 


Dani Ploeger, Kimberley Emeny, DUG (Ross Oliver, Joana Cifre-Creda and Kate Buckley)
Season Butler, Verity Combe, Laura Dee Milnes, Elenor Hellis, Lorena Lo Pena,
Valeria Tello Giusti, Bruno Humberto & Abraham Winterstein,
Fabiola Paz & Annalaura Alifuoco, Samuel Kennedy, Liz Sandford Richardson, E-SCIENCE


RRR was an experimental research laboratory, where durational visual-performance processes meet critical research methodologies. Across 12 hours (8 pm - 8 am) participants moved between ]ps[ (Hamlet Industrial Estate, Hackney Wick) and the Live Art Development Agency's Study Room (White Building, Hackney Wick) - on the hour, every hour, for 12 hours - unpacking peer chosen texts (in the broadest interpretation of the term) responding through collaborative performance processes, installation, text and audio. RRR occurred 4 times across the space of 3 years in Hackney Wick).

(This project was inspired by Li E Chen's 24 hours in Dreams campaign in which ]ps[ directors Bean & Benjamin Sebastian (together with Li) worked over a 24-hour duration, discussing, making, unmaking thinking and feeling.)

MayDay: VestAndPage workshops


MayDay is an 8-day intensive workshop on the praxis of performance art, following performance artist duo VestAndPage's method through the process of making a performative piece. During the practical exercises, under various conditions, the participants are provided with means to conceive, develop and realize a performance, mainly only using their own body as a tool:

• To exercise and research on a changing daily basis.

• To work towards touching point zero in perception, introspection, judgement (on oneself and on others) and intention, to then rebuild a new way of authenticity-based perception and expression, for finally transforming visions and ideas into concrete artistic action.

• To take distance from merely being virtuous by establishing, evaluating, and energizing the personal action in situ.

• To free oneself from common behavioural patterns so as to create new ways of encountering, collaborating and living.

• To overcome the fragile constituent limits, may they be based on physicality, fears or social patterns.

• To touch and strengthen the most human inner sensors in order to activate personal and universal memories, for use as a germinal matter for future artistic substance.

Actions and exercises are innovative but inspired by Dynamic Breathing, Social Theatre, Living Theatre, Macro and Micro Spherology, Inner Library, Liminality, Archetypes, Rituality, Memory activation, Body-Space-Object, Time-Duration-Rhythm, Voice/Sound, Emotional Atmosphere, Inter-activity. The goal of the workshop is to provide the participants with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and artistic sensitivity to conceive a final, individual performance.

Final Group Performance includes artists such as; Bean, Charlotte Wendy Law, Francesca Lisette to mention but a few.

VESTANDPAGE: German artist and dancer Verena Stenke and Venetian artist, writer and curator Andrea Pagnes have been working together under the name of VestAndPage in Performance art, filmmaking, writing and as independent curators since 2006. They are experienced workshop leaders and facilitators for students, art professionals from different backgrounds and non-art participants, either normally endowed or differently abled, of any age. They have been invited to hold practical workshops, research lectures and teachings in institutions worldwide such as Centre for Community Cultural Development and Lingnan University (Hong Kong), UNEARTE Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Artes (Caracas), Taipei Artist Village (Taiwan), Universidad Austral (Valdivia, Chile), University of Fine Arts and Theatre (Santiago, Chile), EMBA (Buenos Aires), Alumnos47 Foundation (Mexico City), TeaK Theatre Academy (Helsinki), Seoul Art Space (Seoul), The Substation (Singapore), BITEF Theatre (Belgrade), NYU Steinhardt School of Culture (Venice/New York), Social Theatre Academy IsoleComprese (Florence) among others.


]performance s a l o n s [

]performance s a l o n s [ - was an opportunity to show documentation, performance, research & critically discuss the work and that of others. Each salon was led by an invited artist and then opened up into a general ‘show & tell’ where anyone could present work and engage a critical audience.

Artists were invited to present work in any format appropriate to their practice. Salons included actions, performance lectures, film & print exhibitions and installation works. The sessions gave audiences in-depth insight into artists' methodologies & work and gave artists an opportunity to discuss their work with peers in a professional context.

The ]performance s a l o n s [ ran throughout 2012 & 2013 and evolved into The Soap Box Sessions (SBS) in 2014.

Artists participating in ]performance s a l o n s [:

Zierle Carter

Daniel Lackey


Ram Samocha

Performance Economies


Performance Economies was the inaugural curatorial endeavour of ]performance s p a c e [.
The programme consisted of residencies, talks, performances, research labs and open platforms - taking the form of the ]performanc e x c h a n g e [; I, II & III - as well as In Conversation; Gender, Formative & Install-action.

Curated by Benjamin Sebastian and Bean.

Funded by Arts Council England and The Legacy List.

Supported by the Live Art Development Agency.

Participating Artists:

Poppy Jackson, Nina Arsenault, Nathan Walker, Klara Schilliger, Valerian Maly, Leo Devlin, Benjamin Sebastian, Bean, Mara Vujić, Jurgen Fritz, Dominik Lipp, Valentina Chirita, Leja Jurisic, Teja Reb, Christopher Mollen, Lindsay Tunnel, Victoria Grey, Teena Lange, Owen Parry, Robin Bale, Dolanbay, Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn, Evamaria Schaller, Marita Bullmann, Brian Patterson, Brian Connolly, Laura Graham, Boris Nieslony, Dani Ploeger, and Fabiola Paz.

Participating Organisations:

]performance s p a c e [, City of Women, Grüntaler 9, International Performance Art Association (IPA), Bbeyond, Paersche and OUI Performance.

]performanc e x c h a n g e [ I

]performanc e x c h a n g e [ II

]performanc e x c h a n g e [ III

In Conversation: aGender



VIP Event

I <3 ]ps[

I <3 ]ps[ was a fundraising event in 2013 to enable ]performance s p a c e ['s continued rental of their 1st site at Hamlet Industrial Estate in Hackney Wick.

I <3 ]ps[ included workshops from Julia Bardsley and Kira O'Reilly (among others) as well as a group performance (for donors) including artists; Benjamin Sebastian, Bean, Poppy Jackson, Paul Hurley, Colm Clarke, Soozie Roberts & Sebastian Hau-Walker.

Julia Bardsley’s workshops