a workshop by VestAndPage and Joseph Morgan Schofield, 2021

The here-and-now is insufficient. The fog of the capitalist deadland is ossifying. We demand something more. Faced with distance, anxiety and exile, belonging feels mythic. FUTURERITUAL asks: how can the technology of ritual be deployed in the divination, manifestation and sustentation of something else - of alternative [queer] futurities, wherein states of belonging (in difference) are felt deeply and more readily.

This residential workshop explores the (re-)invention of spiritual practices, the sacred, rites and rituals through performance art.

Monday 20th to Saturday 25th September
in-person at ]performance s p a c e[, Folkestone

There will be a public offering made by the workshop participants on Friday 24th September, 7pm-9pm at ]ps[ as part of Last Fridays.

VestAndPage, Still from the film STRATA, Germany, 2021.

Joseph Morgan Schofield, these teeming forms, 2021. Image by Zack Mennell.