]ps[ Collaborates

]performance s p a c e [ strives to act as a home or hub for performance artists based in the UK and abroad, and we often host performances, workshops, residencies and talks - as well as taking quest curating positions within other organisations.

Rocio Boliver. Image courtesy of the artist.


︎︎︎ Interscet: SERAFINE1369 & Daniella Valz Geb: an oracular sharing

A co-production between the Live Art Developement Agency & ]ps[ for L.A.D.A’s Intersect Series at The Garret Centre in Bethnal Green.

︎︎︎ seminar: Rocio Boliver - Decrypting Performance Art

A one day seminar convened by the legendary performance artist Rocío Boliver reflecting on themes of  pain, excretions, sex, old-age & politics. Sunday 9th October, VSSL studio, London.

︎︎︎ workshop: FUTURERITUAL - Mythic Time, September 2021

This residential workshop, hosted by VestAndPage and Joseph Morgan Schofield, explores the (re-)invention of spiritual practices, the sacred, rites and rituals through performance art.

︎︎︎ ]open s p a c e[: Eleanor Dalzell Jenyns and kate stonestreet, May 2021

Eleanor Dalzell Jenyns and kate stonestreet are recipients of ]open s p a c e[ and will undertake a shared residency towards the realisation of their project collective attentions, anarchist actions.

︎︎︎ screening: Ekdysis II, Niya B, Friday 30 April (live at Last Fridays)

Ekdysis is an ongoing project, which is displayed through live actions, moving image and installations. In this iteration, Ekdysis manifests as a single-channel video following an autoethnographic journey in the land that holds the mythological events of metamorphosis.