]performance s a l o n s [


Zierle Carter + Daniel Lackey + AMAE +

(original copy)
“]performance s a l o n s [ - was an opportunity to show documentation, performance, research & critically discuss the work and that of others. Each salon was led by an invited artist and then opened up into a general ‘show & tell’ where anyone could present work and engage a critical audience. Artists were invited to present work in any format appropriate to their practice. Salons included actions, performance lectures, film & print exhibitions and installation works. The sessions gave audiences in-depth insight into artists' methodologies & work and gave artists an opportunity to discuss their work with peers in a professional context. The ]performance s a l o n s [ ran throughout 2012 & 2013 and evolved into The Soap Box Sessions (SBS) in 2014.”

Zierle Carter photogrpahed by Marco Berardi.

Daniel Lackey photogrpahed by Marco Berardi.

AMAE video credit pending.