UNTOUCHABLE at the Flying Dutchman

UNTOUCHABLE is a platform for performance, installation, music and art curated by Franko B and hosted by The Flying Dutchman.

June’s edition of UNTOUCHABLE see’s performance/Live Art guest curated by ]performance s p a c e [ as the event acts as the conculsion to the I <3 ]ps[ fundraising campaign. 

In addiction to this there is a visual art curated by Franko B, live music from At Night We Cry (Italy) and Revelator (UK) and a DJ set by Franko B and DJ MU to finish the night. 


Dani Ploeger, Kimberley Emeny, DUG (Ross Oliver, Joana Cifre-Creda and Kate Buckley)
Season Butler, Verity Combe, Laura Dee Milnes, Elenor Hellis, Lorena Lo Pena,
Valeria Tello Giusti, Bruno Humberto & Abraham Winterstein,
Fabiola Paz & Annalaura Alifuoco, Samuel Kennedy, Liz Sandford Richardson, E-SCIENCE