as hosts

]performance s p a c e[ has always worked to be a hub for national and international performance artists, and we are proud to exist in constellation with many artist-led spaces around the world.

Outside of our curated programmes, we are able to offer our live/work space in Folkestone as a venue - for performances, exhibitions and workshops, and as a residency centre and site of artistic production.

We are frequently visited and activated by artists in this way and our subsidised space is offered on a sliding price scale, depending on an artist’s funding circumstances.

More info on space hire:
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as curators

Our public programmes (see offerings and histories) are curated through invitation and open call. We are always looking to make new connections and we invite you to be in touch, to invite us to see your work, or simply to say hello.

as producers

]ps[ directors Benjamin Sebastian and Joseph Morgan Schofield frequently collaborate with independent artists on the realisation of their projects. We are able to offer producing services, including mentoring, grant writing (or support) and project management. We have done this for many artists, including selina bonelli, Poppy Jackson, Martin O’Brien, Manuel Vason and Daniella Valz Gen.

Please be in touch with us to discuss any of the above:

Benjamin -
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