Development Update

September 2022

︎︎︎ about ]performance s p a c e [

In recent years, ]performance s p a c e [ has explored hybrid programming across physical and digital spaces. Folkestone’s Creative Quarter was our hub - and our exhibitions, festivals and events spread to offsite locations in Kent and to partner venues in London. Earlier this year, following the delivery of TIDING; a day of performance art at historic sites in Kent - ]performance s p a c e[ entered a period of development, leaving our physical premises in Folkestone to explore a more mobile model of working. During this time, we have worked from VSSL studio, a project space and artists’ studio in London, which is also managed by ]ps[ directors Benjamin and Joseph.

Our development phase continues and we are fundraising to support this process. In part, these resources will be used to support proper consultation with our current and future artistic communities around what opportunities, contexts and activities the field needs to flourish - now and in the future.

One of the conclusions we have drawn from our development activities so far is that ]ps[ should remain a mobile platform. We imagine ]ps[ as a conceptual space - mirroring the ephemerality and fluidity of our field. A mobile ]ps[ is a framework which can better hold our programming, producing and network building activities. Much of the most exciting work ]ps[ has been engaged in across the last few years has happened offsite, in temporary homes and out on the Land. In committing to this mobile model, ]ps[ can lean into a more nuanced relation to site, seeking out idiosyncratic spaces better suited to the exceptional ephemeral performance works our communities create.

At this moment we are also thinking about how the ]ps[ team works together. Benjamin continues in their role as Director, leading on curatorial and day to day activities. Joseph continues to collaborate with Benjamin, while responding to other commitments, and will take on the role of Associate Director, working on strategic development and partnerships. We continue to work closely with our Project Manager, Ash McNaughton. 

]ps[ has continually reshaped its working practices throughout various geographies across the last decade. This current model seems to currently best serve both our organization and communities. Benjamin and Joseph will work from VSSL studio in Deptford, which also houses the ]ps[ archive, and we welcome coffee and face to face encounters. While ]performance s p a c e[ is based at VSSL, our programming will largely happen elsewhere in London and further afield.

Our development activities will continue throughout the winter with a view to continued programming from early Spring 2023. In the meantime, we are developing a number of collaborative relationships in which the ]ps[ team work as creative producers, and we welcome approaches from performance artists who may benefit from producing, production management and support.  

Benjamin Sebastian


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