Madinah Farhannah Thompson


This text is a response to I’d rather be a fag than your bird, Léann Herlihy’s performance at TIDING (April 2022).

TIDING was a day of performance hosted by ]ps[ at two historic sites of worship in Folkestone and Romney Marsh. ]ps[ invited three writers - Madinah Farhannah Thompson, selina bonelli and Sara Sassanelli - to respond to the six works presented at TIDING.

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Léann Herlihy. Photo by Manuel Vason

You build a platform of deep red church cushions
Carefully checking the alignment as you go

it's a love letter.

the red for me
the blue for you.
make yourself a platform
A soft place to land
or lounge


The build.


It's 18:32
They say "I'd rather be a f*g than be your bird"

And I ponder the etymology of that word f**got
bundle (a bundle of sticks)
f**got soldier (a dummy soldier)
f**got women (a women who picks up sticks)

and spit is not my reaction but something more moist loving.

It's 18:32

We're building something here for you and me
A platform to recline on


I'm looking at you
thinking that your recline is arresting

Could this be a love letter?

(Léann slowly builds a platform of deep red church cushions
Carefully checking their alignment as they go
Travelling along nicely as the platform grows)