Madinah Farhannah Thompson

and still i

This text is a response to Likkle More: A Walk, A Plot(ting), James Jordan Johnson’s performance at TIDING (April 2022).

TIDING was a day of performance hosted by ]ps[ at two historic sites of worship in Folkestone and Romney Marsh. ]ps[ invited three writers - Madinah Farhannah Thompson, selina bonelli and Sara Sassanelli - to respond to the six works presented at TIDING.

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Likkle More: A Walk, A Plot(ting), A Land, James Jordan Johnson. Photos by Manuel Vason.

I reminisce.
The wind blows from somewhere
And I am elsewhere.
Homelands are home
Wastelands are here.

I chew.

Thinking of coconut husks
thinking on
these husks
And those who were left behind

I chew.

Thank you.
(I was offered a gift)
The gift of

pimento /pɪˈmɛntəʊ /
▸ noun
(plural pimentos)
1 variant spelling of pimiento.
2 chiefly West Indian another term for allspice. – ORIGIN late 17th century : from Spanish pimiento (see pimiento).

If you were to chew this for me
Make it ready for me
to consume
(and I am always consuming)

fresh, clean air
Transported on it to
another place

And in another place this seed was gathered
With us
Against us

And now I chew.

chewing and reminiscing
holding onto the pressure
to respond

This, an act of responding
And response

and in a 13th century English church (who am I)
in this place

Always looking.
Around the room
At who is in the room
who I am in this room

and still I chew.