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]performance s p a c e[ strives to act as a home or hub for performance artists based in the UK and abroad, and we often host performances, workshops, residencies and talks by artists etc.

Rocio Boliver. Image courtesy of the artist.


︎︎︎ seminar: Rocio Boliver - Decrypting Performance Art

A one day seminar convened by the legendary performance artist Rocío Boliver reflecting on themes of  pain, excretions, sex, old-age & politics. Sunday 9th October, VSSL studio, London.

︎︎︎ workshop: FUTURERITUAL - Mythic Time, September 2021

This residential workshop, hosted by VestAndPage and Joseph Morgan Schofield, explores the (re-)invention of spiritual practices, the sacred, rites and rituals through performance art.

︎︎︎ ]open s p a c e[: Eleanor Dalzell Jenyns and kate stonestreet, May 2021

Eleanor Dalzell Jenyns and kate stonestreet are recipients of ]open s p a c e[ and will undertake a shared residency towards the realisation of their project collective attentions, anarchist actions.

︎︎︎ screening: Ekdysis II, Niya B, Friday 30 April (live at Last Fridays)

Ekdysis is an ongoing project, which is displayed through live actions, moving image and installations. In this iteration, Ekdysis manifests as a single-channel video following an autoethnographic journey in the land that holds the mythological events of metamorphosis.

Rocío Boliver

Decryptying Performance Art, a one day seminar

Sunday 9th October, 12pm - 6pm
in-person at VSSL studio, London, SE8 4AL

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Decrypting Performance Art is a one day seminar led by Rocio Boliver, reflecting on key performances (via photographic and video documentation) they have created across the last 30 years of practice.

For this seminar, the artist invites 25 participants to spend the day with her as she examines five recurrent themes which continue to shape the aesthetic and surrounding discourse of her work: Pain, Excretions, Sex, Old-age & Politics.

In addition, Rocio will elucidate upon the three core aspects of their personal, performance art making methodologies: the Pre-performance, Performance & Post-performance moments. Rocio will share intimate details of these making processes through lively discussion with participants.

Decrypting Performance Art is conceived and convened by Rocio Boliver and produced by ]performance s p a c e [ with support from the Live Art Development Agency and VSSL Studio.

Organiser contact: benjamin@performancespace.org

 Images courtesy of the artist.


I devote myself to transgress limits. I dig into human behaviour. I disrupt accepted reality, absurd as the one I situationate. I was born a seductive Nabokov's “Lolita”. I lived censorship, scolding, fear and guilt, typical of a repressive society. I break the conventional woman scheme. My aesthetic is grotesque, in search of severity. I’m a human reaction voracious hunter, consumer and provocateur.
- Rocio Boliver

Rocio has presented her work in Europe, Asia, North and South America. Since 2012, Rocío’s performances have focused on the ageing female body – a body, and a body of work, that she describes as ‘between menopause and old age’. She aims to aims to demystify the horror of old age in an ironical way, inventing her own deranged aesthetic and moral solutions for the problem of age. She revels in the cultural unease the ageing female body tends to provoke, and she embraces, on the one hand, shame, disgust, and embarrassment, and on the other, pleasure, laughter, and great beauty, in often dizzying and un-navigable recombination.


Tickets are offered on a sliding scale from £10 to £25. All revenue raised goes directly to the artist and we encourage those who can pay a little more than the £10 minimum to please do so as this enables us to continue making our work available to all.

]ps[ will retain a handful of FREE tickets, if you are unwaged/financially precarious please contact benjamin@performancespace.org to secure one of these limed free tickets.

venue & access

VSSL studio, Enclave, 50 Resolution Way, Deptford, London, SE8 4AL.

The studio is accessed via a raised, fenced path. Step free access can be found via the carpark on Tidemill Way.

The studio has a wide door. There is an accessible toilet within the studio block.