W A K E Festival is a three day festival of contemporary time-based/performance art in Folkestone (Kent), UK.
The festival consists of site specific, durational works which unfold in and around Folkestone, across the 8th, 9th & 10th of September. In addition to the site based works, each evening (7pm-10pm) a more condense series of performances take place at ]performance s p a c e [.


Fri 8th - Sun 10th September 2017

Kira O’Reilly is a Helsinki based artist, her practice, both wilully interdisciplinary and entirely undisciplined, stems from a visual art background; it employs performance, biotechnical practices and writing with which to consider speculative reconfigurations around The Body. But she is no longer sure if she even does that anymore. Her art practice arcs across several contexts from art, science and technology to performance, live art and movement work.

Dominic Thrope is an Irish visual artist originally from Newbridge. He has shown work widely internationally and in Irleand, including at the irish Museum of Modern Art, Bangkok Cultural Centre Thailand, Xiamen University China, SASA Gallery Adelaide Australia, Temple Bar Gallery and the Galway Arts Centre. In 2014/15 he was the first artist in residence at the humanities department of University College Dublin.

Hancock & Kelly is the collaborative project of artists Richard Hancock and Traci Kelly. Since 2001, they have collaborated on a series of works questioning and provoking the gaps between subjects. Issues of materiality, value, and embodied knowledge have been pivotal to the complex critical and aesthetic dialogues they undertake. 

Carlos Martiel (born 1989, Havana). He lives and works in New York and Havana. He graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts “San Alejandro” in Havana, 2009. Between the years 2008-2010, he studied in the Cátedra Arte de Conducta, directed by the artist Tania Bruguera. Martiel’s works have been included in: 57th Venice Biennale, Benice, Italy; Casablanca Biennale, Casablanca, Morocco; Biennial “La Otra”, Bogotá, Colombia; Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Friday Evening:

Fri 8th September 2017

Fausto Gracia - Performance art is for me a way to have a more realistic touch to everyday life and actions that are outside the structures of conventional life. One line of research of my projects has been the violance as a generator of encounters and focus areas. I believe the practice of art has the ability to deconstruct situations hegemonic realities in different ways, I think that art in itself, aware and responsible, is a tool for social and cultural action on the current discourse. 

Frank Homeyer - I develop my performance like a picture. Beginning with an idea or a subject I distribute the different elements in space and connect them with time to shape the performance. It is important for me to include autobiographical references and to leave an opening for change and improvisation in the process.

Anja Ibsch - In her work, Anja Ibsch characteristically tests her bodily limits, creating images that combine conceptual concerns with tasks of endurance or physical strength. For the audience, these images work to transform the way we view or understand the performer’s physical identity. Ibsch creates her work in response to the circumstances that present themselves, adapting to local environments and situations.

Saturday Evening:

Sat 9th September 2017

Rita Marhaug (1965) lives in Bergen. She holds a MA in Fine Art from Bergen Academy of Art and Design, KHIB (1989) and a BA in Art History from the University of Bergen, UiB (1996). Until July 2013 she was engaged as professor at KHIB, Department of Fine Art. Important tools of expression are printmaking, drawings, photography, artist books, video and perforamnce. Marhaug’s approach to performance is through the everyday language of the body and its physical dimensions.

Surya Tüchler develops her live performances site-specifically to the given context and focus to formal links to the environment. Materials are her starting point - covering and masking are her artistic tool. By connecting her body with natural materials she explores animalistic sides of her personality and physicality. Her way of climbing, moving and gazing communicates the quality of an unknown creature. Images emerge that oscillate between beauty and disgust.

Local Foreigner emerged in 2015 as a potential bridge across borders: between ways of being, lands and modes of relating to others. I’m interested in the potency of life, its intensity and resonance towards less oppressed and violent relationships. Merging trans-Shamanic-techno-folk, oral traditions, sounds, clothing and installation to create situations that can generate alternative views and feelings of collective life. 

Emilio Rojas - my most recent body of work deals with cultural hybridity, re-enactment, border trauma, tattoos as aesthetic wounds, decolonial de-linking, and survivorship. The work combines rigorous theoretical and historial inquiry, site specificity, and studio-based research practice. The work resulting from these inquiries innovatively combines performance, video, installation, stop motion, sculpture, workshops, drawing, writing and photography.

Sunday Evening:

Sun 10th September

selina bonelli - memory as the trace of the poetic within the words that distract us: I look at the memory and trauma - how it is processed by the body and how we make sense of it. By making images in the moment, I employ performance to explore the relationship between the incommunicable and the unspeakable. I am interested in the processing of anxieties where one reformulates them into motions and actions as a possibility of teasing out the inadequacies of language. 

Lala Nomada’s work process is based on the creation of ephemeral sculptural during her performances, which themselves do not just focus in the construction of the figure itself, yet also in the qualities of the analyzed situation/material, transmitting to the audience not just an image but also the interest on her contition and the material qualities, its sounds, weight, flavour and textures. Lala puts all her senses into the perception of the audience. 

Esther Neff is the founder of Panoply Performance Laboratory (PPL), a performative thinktank, collective making “operas of operations” and public site for live art in Brooklyn, NY.